The Whirlwind of Depression

Feeling extremely tired,
because I’m exhausted from feeling so tired.
Feeling extremely exhausted,
because I’m emotional from feeling so exhausted.
Feeling extremely emotional,
because I’m sad from feeling so emotional.
Feeling extremely sad,
because I’m in so much pain from feeling so sad.
Feeling extremely painful,
because I’m doubtful from feeling so much pain.
Feeling extremely doubtful,
because I’m anxious from feeling so much doubt.
Feeling extremely anxious,
because I’m concerned about all things not seen and unimaginable.

Feeling extremely concerned because I’m depressed and tired, exhausted, emotional, sad, painful, doubtful, and anxious.

So tired from fighting & struggling,
So exhausted from the efforts required,
So emotional from having to be so strong,
So sad from continued losses,
So much pain both physical and emotional,
So doubtful from trying for so long,
So anxious from experiencing all of these feelings.

It is a fiery and vicious wind tunnel, similar to the size, power and utter destruction of a tornado. The path is unclear, the size always changing, and the amount of damage uncertain.

Retreating to the cellar (my room/bed) and waiting for this storm of depression to pass.

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