Every Single Year

I can’t believe we’re already into the month of August. Us Oregonians are funny about the summer and the warmer temperatures. In fact, we all get a bit crazy regarding the weather altogether.

US map with Oregon

Right about the month of January, we all start to moan, whine, and complain about the constant gray skies and the never-ending rain. We wait with much anticipation and yet impatiently for just a peek at what the blue sky looks like. Mother nature will tease us with a show of the sun at times. But the rain persists and the temperatures remain cooler.

Then…BAM!…out of nowhere the sun finally makes its appearance and returns. Even though it’s still only 65 degrees outside, we all scatter, scrummage, and dig to find our shorts and tank tops and we all do the happy dance. Us Oregonians, we are all a bit crazy that way. But now as we enter the month of August, we have had more days than we would like in the 90’s and 100’s.

We all start to scream at once, “It’s too hot. I’m going to die.”

I’m not the only one who has started complaining about the hot weather. Not many will admit it, but we’re all secretly waiting for cooler days. We begin to long for days spent in our sweatshirts/hoodies, slippers and flannel pajamas. We think about sitting in front of the TV with a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows. Yes, I am among them.

I am a true Oregonian.

But despite it all, this has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. Of course, I know I’m a little biased. And I’ve never been able to travel outside of the United States. But, I have seen many of the states.

On average, we receive around 50 inches of rain per year and that accounts for nearly half of the days in a year. Our central Oregon coast will see as much as 80 inches of rain. In the same year, we will only see an average of 75 days when the sky is mostly clear. And what about the rest of the days? Cloudy! This is why we get so excited when the sun returns to our beautiful state.

It is true that a lot of rain and cooler days make our state very green. We are the biggest grower of grass seed in the world. And one of our counties has the largest percentage of Christmas tree farms in the nation. On a side note, we also have the distinction of being known as the state with the most marijuana crops in the nation (illegally, of course).

Specifically, the Mid-Willamette Valley where I reside is a photographer’s paradise.tulip festival.jpg

We have beautiful rivers, lakes and streams.Timber Linn lake.jpg

The forests here are amazing with rich and full vegetation and pine trees that seem to reach the heavens. Our natural wildlife is a sight to behold. We are blessed with so much wildlife to enjoy as well.

The campus of Oregon State University is breathtaking.OSU campus.jpg

So, here we are in August and we are beginning to long for the days of fall and cooler weather. I can honestly say that I long for the smell of the season’s first good rain. I don’t know what words I can use to describe it. Maybe there aren’t any words. Maybe you are just going to have to plan a trip here to smell if for yourself. It’s right up there with the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of the ocean breeze. I get to enjoy all of these Oregon sensations – rain or shine, but mostly rain.

The rain will return, of this I am positively certain. In Oregon, it isn’t unusual to purchase a new umbrella, rain/hiking boots, coat, and a scarf every season. It’s just our tank tops and shorts we can wear year after year, because we don’t get to wear them that often.

So, I’ll suffer through the rest of August and keep waiting for the weather. It’s like this every single year. We all whine and complain just the same…usually beginning in January and August.

11 thoughts on “Every Single Year

  1. It looks gorgeous. The British are the same about the weather in January but we don’t then get the other hot extreme. Very very rare for us to have weather in the 90s/100s.


    1. From others that I have chatted with, it seems your weather is very similar to ours. I crave the sunshine so much throughout the year. But when it comes, I hate when it’s this hot. If I could turn down the temperature dial in the summer, it would be perfect!

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  2. I love the northwest. I am from Spangle WA just south of Spokane, My sister lives in Portland and I would not live anywhere else. We get our four seasons, with the snow the sun, fall and spring. I love tulips and was so happy that you posted this picture with the mountain behind. Just Beautiful.


  3. I miss West Coast weather! I lived in WA for a few years, Olympia and then Vancouver. I looooved the rainy weather winters. I can’t wait to get back out to WA & OR.


  4. Oregon and Washington State are so beautiful. I love northern California, too, especially the Humbolt County area – another place known for marijuana crops. 🙂


  5. Sounds a bit like Yorkshire in the UK only the sun seems to forget it’s supposed to come out in August:)
    I enjoyed this post because I really had no idea where Oregan was.


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