The Time Tug-of-War!

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“OH MY GOODNESS,” my body and mind screamed at me this morning as I awakened from a very deep sleep. Together they yelled in unison, “We are NOT ready to get up for the day!” They tend to be somewhat emotional and demanding. However, the more cognitive part of myself had to concur. As I sat up slowly and threw my legs to the floor I could only think of going back to sleep. It was a real tug-o-war between my emotional mind, physical body, and the more cognitive part of myself.

The reality was I HAD to get up!

For the last four years, I haven’t been very busy. Well, the truth is I haven’t been busy at all. It has been quite easy for me to accomplish tasks and work through lists, or as many refer to them, the ‘honey-do’ list. Yes, even when you’re single you still have one of these lists. Without any real time constraints, it has been fairly easy for me to get things done.

However, on August 1st, I began a new endeavor as I committed myself to the 30-Day Blogging Challenge (check it out!).

All of a sudden I had to get a bit more organized with my thoughts and my day. At the same time, the Olympics began. And thus, due to the significant time delay of television coverage, I have been staying up very late to watch the various events. But, I’m not done yet. For the past three days, maintenance has been working in my home to install a new shower/bath. This means I have had to arise in the morning much much earlier than I like.

And so my life as I once knew it, has significantly changed. All of a sudden, an alarm clock has returned to my bedroom. I want to know who found it and put it in there! I have suddenly found myself constantly consulting my watch to make sure I get things done when I need to. This really isn’t fair. I once used to be so good at managing my time. But, alas, I have fallen out of practice.

Now is the moment for some time management skills.

Throughout the past 17 days of blogging, I have read so many really great posts on all different genres of blogs. I have been reminded of and have learned many tips and tricks about how to manage my time efficiently and effectively. I want to share some of these with you. They are saved here as a future reference for myself as well.

Mike Gardner, a.k.a ‘The Time Doctor’ shares with us “How to Slow Down and Achieve More in Less Time.” I especially like his quote, ‘Live in the present, Be Mindful, Notice your surroundings and Savor your experiences.’ Mr. Gardner offers us some really good advice and things to consider.

Your Recipe for Task Management Rainbow Cake” suggests a wonderful idea ‘to avoid overwhelm and make task management a doddle!’ Author CJ Sohal uses humor and creativity to approach this subject. This recipe is definitely a keeper for your personal recipe box.

K. Lee Banks has written an entire series regarding the subject of procrastination. She looks into the reasons why we have a difficult time getting things done. I especially enjoyed her post, “Preventing Procrastination: Pulling Down the Stronghold.”

How to Create a Morning Routine to Help Make Your Business a Success” is a wonderful post that is applicable to not only business owners but individuals as well. Sarah Buchan-Smith, a professional business coach, offers terrific insight on how our morning routines can positively influence our business and personal success.

My last reference is a concept I have personally learned to be extremely effective. I’m talking about laughter and humor. Being able to put a smile on my face completely changes my mood and overall outlook. “This is LMAO monster, or LMAOmon for short.” I love this little monster! The extremely creative and artistic Rene Dancez nails this concept!

What do you find helps you manage your time more effectively?

©Julie Corbett

10 thoughts on “The Time Tug-of-War!

  1. Great post – and I love the round up of other posts that are relevant. I had spent so many years working in a high pressure job (advertising), and I thought when the office closed at the end of 2015, I’d do all these things. Doesn’t quite work that way, but I’m settling down. I’ve started taking my laptop to the library on some days – as my husband is retired. I want to start a business (coaching) and further my art career. I wasn’t getting anywhere, so the 30 day challenge is good for me – and I’m getting things done. I still start every day with a bath and a book though! Getting better about journaling!


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Yes, I found that after I stopped working and settled into my “lazy” schedule at home, it has become difficult to manage my time more effectively. I really like what you shared about how you start each day!


  2. Julie, super resource list. Kudos to you for blogging for 30 days straight-:D

    Having telecommuted for business in the private sector, I learned to manage my time by sticking to a schedule. Now as an Indie kid lit author, I also maintain a dedicated home office, where I can shut the door and work.


    1. Thank you for your comments. I haven’t blogged for 30 straight days yet, but I will by the 30th of this month! I’m on a mission! LOL! I’ve kind of been my own free spirit for awhile and haven’t had to manage my time much. Time for me to get back at it!


  3. Nice round up of posts from our fellow blog challengers! I use to do lists and map out my weekly goals by day. When I recognize I am tired, I give myself permission to go to bed and come back to my list when I am refreshed


  4. I’ve been struggling with time management myself lately. So I’m just trying to figure our a routine that will work for me again, some helpful stuff here, thanks 🙂


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