No Better Place To Visit

The Central Oregon Coast

Hands down my favorite place to visit and vacation in Oregon! I have seen the beaches and coastlines in pictures from around the world. However, I think the Oregon coast is a step above all the rest. I know I’m a bit biased seeing as though this is my state.

I want to prove to you why we have the best coast!

(All photos shown were taken by myself using my very old and outdated smartphone. I am definitely an amateur as you will see.)

SCENERY – Take in the ocean waves, beaches, cliffs, rocks, and beautiful beach houses.

oregon coast pic


SMALL TOWNS – The quaint small towns situated around the bays and inlets.



SANDY BEACHES – Miles and miles of clean and walkable beaches.



SAND DUNES – Unbelievable views, vegetation, and fun await you.

sand dunes.jpg


SANDRAIL – No visit to the sand dunes is complete without a ride on a very speedy dune buggy. (I’m in the back row with my son and a friend)



SEAGULLS – These birds can be annoying. However, they are a part of the view.



SUNSET – Watch the sunset in order to make your trip complete!


If you haven’t visited the Oregon coast, I hope you will find time to do so. You will not be disappointed! I can promise you that!

©Julie Corbett

8 thoughts on “No Better Place To Visit

    1. Yes, it is a wonderful place. I have visited the east coast and it is so very different than here. First off, the ocean water up here is incredibly cold! I can’t hardly put my toes in the water. However, there is so much more than just beaches and sand. It is truly gorgeous.


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