OH! How it Infuriates Me!

If you’ve been following my blogging journey, then you have gotten to know some things about me. In fact, there seem to be some common themes throughout my blogging posts and categories. One subject that is very near and dear to my heart is my canine companion, Duke.

Recently, I have written two articles centered around my life with my little fur buddy! You can read them here: Life Lessons From Duke and National Dog Day.

This afternoon I decided to get out of the house for awhile and so Duke and I set off together in my vehicle for a trip around town. On just one stretch of road, I saw the same incident occur two separate times with two separate individuals.

Oh! How it Infuriates Me!

In both cases, there was a younger adult male riding a bicycle while trying to steer and carry an item in one hand and hold the end of a dog leash in the other hand. This gets me riled up so quickly that I would have jumped out of my vehicle and intervened had I not been stuck in the middle of traffic in a busy intersection.infuriated.png

First, it is 87°F outside. The sun is shining brightly. We haven’t had any rain for quite some time and the air is filled with dust and bugs. The asphalt is hot and insufferable. Both dogs were panting heavily. Oh! How it Infuriated Me!

Second, both males riding their bikes were riding dangerously and illegally. One of them rode his bicycle in the bike lane but had his dog running next to him and the traffic. Was he using his dog as a shield? The other rider wasn’t obeying any bicycle laws at all. He was riding erratically, in and out of traffic. Oh! How it Infuriated Me!

Third, both individuals had their respective dog on a very short leash. The length of their leash left no room for error. There wasn’t any room for the dog to move away from the perspective dangers of the moving bicycle. Oh! How it Infuriated Me!

Fourth, in both instances, I had to sit helplessly and watch in horror. I knew that even if I wasn’t stuck in traffic in the intersection, there was still nothing I could do. Why I kept thinking in my head. Why do people do these types of things to their animals. I am well aware that there is far more extensive and severe abuse done to animals every single minute in our world. However, this is where it starts.

Oh! How it Infuriates Me!

When I was a young mom, I always heeded to the advice given regarding our babies. If you need to wear warmer clothes, then so does your baby. If you need to drink fluid, then so does your baby. If you need to put socks on your feet, then your baby needs them too.

Well, this is the same advice I give everyone regarding their pets.

Would you want someone to make you run when it’s 87°F outside?

Would you want to run with no breaks, no shade, and no water?

Would you want someone to put you in the middle between themselves (safety) and the possibility of death (traffic)?

I know all of my blog readers and followers are awesome pet owners and people! I know that about you! So, my questions aren’t directed towards you specifically. If you aren’t stuck in traffic in the middle of an intersection (like I was), would you stop the individual and say something? Would you call the authorities and report this potential dog abuse?

I would and I will. Oh! It Infuriates Me!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Will you do me a favor? After you read this article, will you please go give your pet some affection in whatever manner they enjoy! Thanks, you just made my day!
love an animal.jpg

©Julie Corbett

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