The Alphabet of Happiness: A

Welcome to this 26-day journey to happiness. Each letter of the alphabet will be represented by a word(s) beginning with the same letter. As we explore the 26 letters of the alphabet, my hope is that you will find some helpful ideas and suggestions in finding and achieving happiness in your life. And so, let’s talk about the letter “A”.

Affirmations, Attitude, Achievement


I am certain you have heard about the concept of affirmations. They are those thoughts, written or silently spoken in your head, that are positive statements about what you have done, you can do, who you are, and who you can become. It’s important to note that these are real and factual statements. One can’t entertain affirmations such as; “I’m better than everyone else.” “I am smarter than everyone else.” “I am the best ___________.”

It’s also just as important to not make negative thoughts into affirmations. You might think “I’m a horrible person,” but this thought is just that, a thought. It is not an affirmation. As a basic rule, affirmations are not negative. Affirmations are positive and uplifting reminders of you are and what you are capable of doing. You can use affirmations to help guide you to more positive thinking. Using this approach will help you achieve more happiness in your life.

I recently viewed a video that I want to share with you: 


How many of you have heard the statement, “Change your attitude?” It turns out there is some truth to the expression. Unfortunately, this statement is often made as an exclamation in a negative way. It is frequently used as a way of communicating to another person that you are unhappy with the person’s attitude. However, you can use this much more effectively as a positive statement to achieving happiness.


There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves your attitude leads to your overall happiness. If you have a negative attitude about your life and yourself, it’s then hard to find happiness. Let’s face it, a bad or negative attitude just leads to unhappiness and subsequent failure. However, I am well aware of the fact that it is much easier to state, “I am going to have a good attitude,” than to actually put that thought into action. Like anything else in your life, practice makes perfect.

When you find yourself experiencing a negative attitude, take a second to focus on what you are doing or not doing. Look with realistic and open eyes. Use the reporting skills of who, what, when, why, where, and how. Then, think about what you can change. The key phrase is “can.”

There are many things in your life that are out of your control, such as the weather, traffic delays and such. So, look at the things you can change. What can you do right at the moment? Go somewhere different, do something different, listen to something or someone different. Make a change to your attitude and watch your happiness level increase.


It is unfortunate that when people think about an achievement they immediately envision dollars and cents, trophies and ribbons, and big houses and fancy cars to name a few. But, do all of these so-called achievements lead to happiness? The bold and simple answer is NO! This reminds me of a statement I penned awhile ago.

True happiness does not come from purchased material items…it comes from deep within. If we can’t be happy without wealth, then we are doomed to a life without happiness. -Julie Corbett

As you can see, reaching an achievement towards happiness has nothing to do with the achievements that society and social media imply you should reach. The smaller successes you enjoy on a daily basis are what really matter and what help you feel happiness. Look at the weekly, daily, and hourly successes you can and do achieve.

Happiness isn’t all about your attitude. There are activities throughout your day that can contribute to how you feel…if you think of them as achievements. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s 5am and the alarm clock wakes you up. You jump out of bed and head to the shower. You dress, eat breakfast, and head out the door. WOW! Great job getting ready for work when you’d rather sleep in. First thing in your work day is a staff meeting. Despite the fact you think they are boring and dry and useless, you still contribute in a brainstorming session and leave in a cheerful manner. WOW! Great job! Later in the day, your significant other calls to tell you that their parents are going to be joining you for dinner. Oh great, you think to yourself. But guess what you do? Well, I think you know where I’m headed with all of this.

Simply stated, give yourself more credit! If you can start viewing all of the smaller things you do each day and realize they are all achievements, you are going to feel so much better. And feeling good about your achievements and feeling good about yourself is going to result in a higher level of happiness!

What word that begins with the letter “A” do you use to achieve happiness in your life? Come back tomorrow as we look at the letter “B”.

©Julie Corbett 2017

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Unfortunately, it seems the lesson regarding money comes with maturity and aging. I think most of us made some not-so-great financial decisions when we were younger. One of those things in life that we hope we learn from our mistakes. 😉


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