The Alphabet of Happiness: D

I hope you found yesterday’s post regarding Courage and Choice to be helpful. If you just joined this journey, be sure to take the time to go back and read from the beginning, The Alphabet of Happiness. Without delay, let’s get to it and discuss the letter “D”.

Determination, Diet, Driving


Have you ever described someone as being Bull-headed and Stubborn? Yea, me too! In fact, I have been known to be both. Even though some of these individuals seemingly go forth without regard for others, we can agree on one thing – they are determined! How do you define or describe determination?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines determination as, “a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult, the act of deciding definitely and firmly.” An example of how the word is used in a sentence that I think is especially pertinent to this post, “What he lacked in talent he made up for in determination.”

Often times, we encounter events and situations in our life that make us unhappy. Howev
er, the way you react to those situations is your choice. What if you used determination instead. Thus, you have to decide that you want to be happy. Ultimately, doesn’t
everyone want this in their life? YES!

Using determination as a tool in your life to achieve happiness might look something like this example. You look out the window and there is still snow on the ground. It has been two determinationweeks of solid snow and you’ve had enough. You’re tired of being stuck in the house. You’re tired of shoveling the snow from your driveway. You’re just really unhappy about the entire circumstance.

You can’t make it stop snowing. That part is out of your control. However, I want to propose to you that you can choose to be happy by using determination. Look out that window and just shake your head from side-to-side. Let out a sigh. Now, get determined. Decide that no one and nothing is going to get in your way of being and feeling happy. Remember that phrase, “The bull in the china shop?” Yes, be like a bull!

Move whatever is in your way. Go around what you can. Walk and stomp upon the path. Happiness is your destination. Now, “Just Do It.”


This isn’t about going on a diet. We’re talking about what you eat. There is so much readily available information explaining that what you eat does, in fact, affect your overall mood. The WebMD site states, “while certain eating plans or foods may not ease your (depression/unhappy) symptoms or put you instantly in a better mood, a healthy diet may help as part of your overall treatment.” So, what can you do? Try the best you can to eat the following food choices:

  • Omega 3’s lead to improved brain function and alleviate symptoms of depression: nuts, canola oil, flaxseed oil, dark leafy vegetables, cod, haddock, salmon, halibut, and algae.
  • B12 and folate help to prevent mood disorders and dementias: (B12) liver, chicken, fish; (folate) beetroot, lentils, almonds, spinach, and liver.
  • Vitamin D deficiency is related to all types of depression: breakfast cereals rich in complex carbohydrates, breads, juices, milk, sun exposure and high-quality supplements.
  • Protein-rich foods can help boost your energy and clear your mind: beans, peas, lean beef, low-fat cheese, fish, milk, poultry, soy products, and yogurt.
  • Selenium-rich foods are known to help boost moods: cod, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and poultry.
  • Dark chocolate enhances mood by increasing endorphins in the brain that promote a sense of well-being (don’t forget to eat this in moderation).

Source: Psychology Today

As a general rule, you probably already know that the best diet is a healthy and well-round one.


Looking for a great “how” to feel happy? Try going for a drive. If you don’t drive and/or don’t have a vehicle of your own; get on the bus, take a taxi, get on the train, ask a friend, or ride your bicycle. Find a way to get mobile and GO!

It doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you end. The intent is to leave your current surroundings and find some new scenery. Venture somewhere you have never been. Take in the sights and sounds, the smells and views. If you are able, try to get some fresh air, regardless of the weather. This is a great way to invigorate your body and mind! Happiness awaits you on your journey!

As we continue this journey together, I encourage you to keep reading. If you have yet to find your own how or why to happiness, I strongly believe you will. Please come back tomorrow as we explore the letter “D”.


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