6 Ways to Help you Feel Better

How many of you have set a New Year’s Goal and never completed it? Yea, me too! However, with this one, I hit it out of the ballpark. I’m talking about the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

goal-achievingToday is day 30 and the end of this challenge. This is the second time I have completed this challenge. Yet, there is so much for me to learn still. If you are a blogger, I highly recommend you check out #theArrows and what they provide with this challenge.

At the conclusion of this challenge, I am provided the opportunity to look at which posts I think were the best (between both challenges). Most of these are based on the total number of views, but others I have chosen because I especially liked my idea and the way it was presented to you, as the reader.

Here are 6 of my favorite posts to help you feel better.

10 Ways to Get Un-Depressed

This is, by far, the most viewed and popular post on my blog. The struggle with depression is real! We have all been depressed at some time or another. Things happen of which we have no control over. We react and we respond. Within this post, I suggest 10 different ways to help you deal with stress in your life.

Life Lessons From Duke

Which Duke are we talking about? Be sure to read about him. He has taught me many important life skills and frequently reinforces others. It’s not always easy living in the world today, but there is so much to be learned and remembered.

The Alphabet of Happiness: Q for Quicksand Analogy

The steps needed to survive quicksand, both literally and figuratively, take a real presence of mind. Every instinct in your body and mind tell you to struggle. Your first instinct is to panic and then you become very anxious. However, the more you struggle, the worse your situation becomes and the worse you are going to feel.

6 Steps to Reach Your Goal

I wrote this post at the conclusion of the previous 30-Day Blogging Challenge I completed. This list of 6 steps helped me achieve my blogging goal and can be used in every aspect of your life achievements.

Managing a Riptide in Your Life

Do you know how to survive a riptide while swimming in the ocean? Did you know that the same steps can be used to manage great difficulties and obstacles in your life? I break down the 7 steps of survival and how they apply to your life.

The Alphabet of Happiness

This is the beginning of a 26-day journey as we dive into each letter of the alphabet. You will read about different reasons to be happy in your life, as well as how you can achieve that happiness.

There are much more I can add to this list…well, all of them in fact. I’m a little biased that way. I do, however, encourage you to read the ones I have listed and take a look at some others as well. As always, thank you for following me on my blog!

Copyright © Julie Corbett 2017


2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Help you Feel Better

  1. Congratulations of finishing the challenge for a second time. Xerophilous, Xanadu, and X factor for X is like achieving another goal in itself 🙂 All the best for the future, look forward to reading more of your work.


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