Our Vicious Canker Sore

Very rarely do I write an article using first-person singular pronouns. For one, the purpose of my blog is to be a place where I can offer hope to others based on my own struggles and experiences in life. And secondly, I think my opinions and feelings are more appropriately written in a personal journal.

But tonight, I just can’t hold it in any longer! I’m going to burst soon!

What is Wrong With Our Country and its Citizens?

I’m speaking about the ol’ US of A. Born and raised here and proud to be an American. But seriously, what has happened to good ol’ common sense? To manners and etiquette? To sincerity and compassion? To love and understanding? To integrity and being responsible?

I’m beginning to think that my daily time on Social Media has turned into a vicious canker sore, our canker sore.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the ability I have to reconnect with others, to meet new people across the globe, to keep abreast of current events and to share my interests with others. But using social media comes at a great expense.

I have just about lost all faith and hope in humanity. Just tonight, in no more than 10 minutes, I read numerous posts in a local group that have shot my blood pressure through the roof. I’m not angry at a specific person, I’m angry with mankind. When did we turn into such a sniveling, whiny, complaining, insensitive, ungrateful group of people? Did I miss the starting gate? But here I am in the middle of the race, just like everyone else.

I don’t want to be a part of this race any longer!

Here are a few, very abbreviated examples of what I read tonight.

  • Far and above, this is the one that boiled my blood the most. Three local citizens were caught on camera pouring the water out of store bought water bottles onto the pavement in the parking lot. Why you ask? Quite a few people, after receiving their government issued food assistance (in the form of a debit card), will go to a local store and buy dozens of water bottles. They will then empty all of the water and then return the empty bottles for the bottle deposit which is 10 cents per bottle in Oregon. They will then use that cash money to purchase drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other items not allowed through the food stamp program.

First off, they’re completely abusing the system. Two, they are basically taking assistance away from those who are truly in need and deserving. Third, let’s not forget that what they’re doing is illegal. And lastly, we are all aware of how many nations around the globe that are in a constant need of a fresh supply of drinking water.

For Those Who Abuse Our Funded Assitance Programs….You Suck!

  • Every single day, all day long, people want to know why this police officer and that sheriff’s deputy went racing by their home. Where are they going? What are they doing? What are the names of the people involved? There is this attitude that they need and deserve to know everything. Well, guess what America? You don’t! If there is something occurring that presents a safety concern for local citizens, then that should definitely be known. Otherwise, let local law enforcement personnel do their jobs. When did we become such a nosey bunch of people.

More importantly, I am sick and tired of our nation’s reaction and attitude towards our law enforcement officers. They work to protect and serve us the very best they can. Yes, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. But far and above, they are a group of upstanding men and women who unselfishly and willingly put their lives in danger’s way for our safety and wellbeing. Be grateful for these men and women because, without them, violence and death would be even more rampant and devastating.

America, start being more grateful and less critical!

  • One local woman went on to rant about a local veterinarian’s office that she felt had discriminated against her because she is considered low-income. She had been given a FREE voucher from a local animal shelter to have her kitten neutered. What we learn is that she didn’t follow the instructions for scheduling her kitten’s visit and so they made her reschedule. But, instead of accepting responsibility and just dealing with it, she went about letting the world know, or at least locally, that she was the victim. She received a voucher for a FREE service. Why not just be appreciative and grateful? Why not act like a mature adult? Why does she have to act this way?

People, stop being offended by every little thing. It’s not all about you! Get over yourself!

  • I read a rant by a woman who was upset about a book that was sent home with her school-aged child to read. You can read a description of the book here: George by Alex Gino. She was upset because she personally doesn’t agree with the subject matter and therefore doesn’t want her child to read it. First off, stop ranting on social media and go talk to the appropriate school staff member regarding your concerns. And secondly, the book was optional and not required reading!

Yes, the book explores the topic of transgender people. Reading some of the comments others wrote in response made me feel like I might be living in a third world country that doesn’t have the freedoms we as Americans are promised in the US Constitution. No, we don’t all have to have the same opinions and agree on every issue. But, NO ONE has the right to dictate or judge someone else’s life preferences, whatever they might be. Even from a religious viewpoint, the only person I know of that can do that is God himself (or whoever is your higher power).

Why can’t people just get along? Why do we feel it necessary to judge each other and to treat each other differently? I may not agree with someone else’s opinion or belief, but I’m not about to make it my mission to prove to them they’re wrong. I have enough problems of my own, and so does everyone else!

Everyone Needs to Get Out of Everyone Else’s Business!

  • And lastly, a heartbreaking true story of a local woman who didn’t show up to work a couple of days ago. After a 24 hour search, her vehicle was found at the bottom of the local river (she slid on the icy road). However, her body was not in the truck. The skilled search and rescue staff are searching for her as we speak. It is a horrible tragedy. Something none of us would want to experience ourselves. My hope is that her body will be found soon so the family may have closure and to begin their path towards healing.

I know, you’re wondering, “What’s wrong with that news.” Nothing! What’s wrong are the ignorant, insensitive, thoughtless, rude and demeaning statements I have read across all social media outlets. One guy, in response to seeing a video of the vehicle being pulled out of the river, wrote that it was “cool.” As in the event and the destruction were “cool.” Another made a rude comment about the woman’s body and what it would look like after being in the cold river. Are you kidding me?

Social media has ushered in this new personality trait of people who, because of this silent internet constructed wall of anonymity, spew forth nothing but pure garbage from their mouths and onto the keyboard. People are going to think whatever they want, but what boils my blood is the complete lack of respect for one another. When did it become socially acceptable to utter forth such garbage? What has happened to common decency, etiquette, manners, and the like? What has happened to the cardinal rule:

If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All!

We are turning into the most unliked and laughable country in the world! And why not? With the way things are going, I HOPE AND PRAY that the end of the world is near.

©2019 Julie Corbett






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