5 Steps Before Surgery: what your doctor doesn’t tell you

If you've had some sort of surgery in your life, then you may feel these points of consideration don't apply to you. Well, they do. If you've never had surgery before, then they definitely apply to you. And if you're a family member or friend who will be helping someone before or during surgery, then these apply to … Continue reading 5 Steps Before Surgery: what your doctor doesn’t tell you

Women! Learn About Football

Oh, I am so excited! Football season is upon us! Keep reading as I want to help all the women grasp the basics of football. Let me be more specific. I am talking about American football. I'm not referring to fútbol or soccer as Americans call it. We're talking about America's second favorite pastime (after baseball, of course). … Continue reading Women! Learn About Football

10 Ways to Get UN-depressed

The struggle is real! We have all been depressed at some time or another. Things happen of which we have no control over. We react and we respond. Some of these uncontrollable and unexpected events lead us to feelings of depression. This is known as situational depression. However, if like myself, you have been diagnosed with … Continue reading 10 Ways to Get UN-depressed