Rid Yourself of Negative Thinking (part 2)

In this second part, you'll learn about some of the reasons why you need to stop negative thinking and also how to rid yourself of some of those negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are an everyday occurrence. Often times you'll engage in these types of conversations with yourself without conscious choosing. Why should you rid yourself of negative thinking? If … Continue reading Rid Yourself of Negative Thinking (part 2)

10 Ways to Get UN-depressed

The struggle is real! We have all been depressed at some time or another. Things happen of which we have no control over. We react and we respond. Some of these uncontrollable and unexpected events lead us to feelings of depression. This is known as situational depression. However, if like myself, you have been diagnosed with … Continue reading 10 Ways to Get UN-depressed

The Whirlwind of Depression

Feeling extremely tired, because I'm exhausted from feeling so tired. Feeling extremely exhausted, because I'm emotional from feeling so exhausted. Feeling extremely emotional, because I'm sad from feeling so emotional. Feeling extremely sad, because I'm in so much pain from feeling so sad. Feeling extremely painful, because I'm doubtful from feeling so much pain. Feeling … Continue reading The Whirlwind of Depression